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Wild Magnolia Mariachis – Escalaciones

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Our new album is CD of the week at Radio Okerwelle and is also very positively reviewed there ...

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News Album: Carolyn Breuer & Andrea Hermenau „Oneironaut“

Cover der CD Oneironaut

On 14.4.23 the new CD of Carolyn Breuer & Andrea Hermenau "Oneironaut" will be released by Enja Records.

New Video: Peace Rebel Radio „Tennessee Blues“

Carolyn Breuer @ Jazz On Vinyl

Almost a year has passed since my last jazz gig and even more time since my last recording, thus I am very happy to announce that lately I had the opportunity to record a vinyl album. Dominique Klatte, owner of the label “Jazz on Vinyl”, uses analog tape machines to record the sessions. There is no editing and overdubbing, as the music will be released as it is created at the moment. You basically play „off the grid". I am very happy to have accepted this challenge and am really looking forward to the result, which will be put out in early April. I played two recording days in a duo with the pianist and singer Andrea Hermenau and then a “short session” of two and a half hours with Christian Lettner on drums and Henning Sieverts on bass. The photographer Olaf Dankert accompanied the recordings. Here are some photos and a video:

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Peace Rebel Radio

Peace Rebel Radio

Rock'n'Roll. Pop. Bluegrass. Jazz. Gospel. Rockabilly. From Bob Dylan to Guns N'Roses, from Doc Watson to the Beatles, past Bruce Springsteen and Elvis, turn right and visit Johnny Cash then pick up some more classics and some of your own songs, and so on ...
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Breuer-Hermenau Quartet

Carolyn Breuer und Andrea Hermenau

The music of the new quartet of saxophonist Carolyn Breuer singer and pianist Andrea Hermenau is sensitive and powerful at the same time. The musical mélange of sax and voice adds a certain texture to the original poetic compositions and thus leads to a genuine and unique sound.

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Carolyn Breuer goes Theater:

A philosophical music theater performance by BERIVAN KAYA based on texts by INGEBORG BACHMANN
With Carolyn Breuer, Berivan Kaya and Fatima Dramé. Director: Sebastian Brummer, Stage design: Peter Schultze

Premiere: January, 18th 2018, 8 p.m.

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Carolyn Breuer – 16 Kompositionen
The Book, available now!

Cover of the book: Carolyn Breuer – 16 Kompositionen

The new book by Carolyn Breuer with her finest compositions in limited edition. Each book numbered and personally signed by Carolyn Breuer.
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Carolyn Breuer & Band – Live-Videos

Neue Videos von Carolyn Breuer und Band

Three brand new live-videos of Carolyn's new band now under Media.

Interview by Bobby Stern

Bobby Stern

I remember the first time I ever heard about Carolyn Breuer (pronounced Broy - er). I was sharing a quiet taxi ride in Munich, Germany with her father, trombonist / pianist Hermann Breuer … / + Read the whole interview

Reviews on the new CD

Der Sound ihres Saxofons, der nun von betörender, bittersüßer Melancholie erfüllt und in einem feinen Hauch von Verletzlichkeit umhüllt ist. In jedem Moment ist da eine tief empfundene Menschlichkeit spürbar. Hochsensible, wirklich bewegende Musik.

Mannheimer Morgen

Auf ihrem stimmungsvollen Comeback-Album " Four Seasons Of Life" spielt sie derart souverän, dass es scheint, als wäre Carolyn Breuer nie wirklich weg gewesen.

Sonic (sax & brass)

Es sind also die großen Fragen des Lebens in Carolyn Breuer´s Leben getreten sind. Daraus hat sie eines der wuchtigsten Konzeptalben der jüngeren Jazzgeschichte gemacht, eines, das den Bogen so weit spannt wie wenige - ein Meisterwerk!

Süddeutsche Zeitung

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My new album is now available on iTunes.

+ Four Seasons of Life - Carolyn Breuer on iTunes

The Making Of "Four Seasons of Life"

A short movie about the making of my new cd by Michaila Kühnemann

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